[webkit-help] Inspector module

Tomasz Morawski t.morawski at samsung.com
Wed Oct 6 04:05:20 PDT 2010

I have a few questions about inspector/JS debugging feature. I am trying 
to get a JS frame after
pausing script execution due to breakpoint reach. If I understand good 
the „pausedScript” event  that  is send to my InspectorClient class via 
the sendMessageToFrontend function should has JS frame that I looking for.


But the callFrames field is null. The “callFrames” field is filed by an 
InspectorDebuggerAgent::currentCallFrames() function.  Could you tell me 
what is an InjectedScriptHost class what is the purpose of this class 
and how I should use this object to get a callFrame? Maybe I have 
forgotten to dispatch some commands?
What commands should be dispatched via an InspectorBackendDispatcher 
object to get a callFrame after JS execution pause?

For test purpose I have written a code:

	JavaScriptCallFrame* frame = 
	if (!frame)
		fprintf(stderr, "source: %d\n", frame->sourceID());
		fprintf(stderr, "line:   %d\n", frame->line());
		fprintf(stderr, "function:   %s\n", frame->functionName().ascii().data());
		JSC::JSGlobalObject *gobject = frame->dynamicGlobalObject();	
		JSC::ExecState* exec = gobject->JSGlobalObject::globalExec();
		if (exec)
			fprintf(stderr, "function parameters: %d \n", exec->argumentCount());		

But exec->argumentCount returns invalid parameters count.

Best regards,
Tomasz Morawski

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