[webkit-help] Question on how to add Geolocation functionality in WebKit on WM platform

langsir at yeah.net
Thu Nov 18 21:33:42 PST 2010

I don’t know the underlying rules of Geolocation in WebKit. Now I want to
port WebKit to WM6 platform and add Geolocation functionality. Here are some


1)       How does Geolocation work on different platforms? I know it works
very well on iPhone, Android 2.0 and above, and some Symbian versions. Where
and how does the kernel send requests to get the location? On mobile
devices, base station information must be packed and sent to Google servers
to get estimating locations. All these work have been done by Geolocation
kernel in WebKit?


2)       If some extra coding work must be done to add Geolocation
functionality on WM platform, how? There are no documents to reference. Some
coding examples will be appreciated when applied.



Many thanks!

Thierry Luo




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