[webkit-help] Questions on Webkit compliation on Windows

Adam Roben aroben at apple.com
Wed Nov 17 09:22:25 PST 2010

On 11/17/2010 2:15 AM, Muralidharan Narayanan wrote:
> - Can I compile webkit on Visual Studio 2005 independent of compiling 
> on cygwin
> - Can I compile webkit on Cygwin independent of compiling on Visual Studio

No. Both Cygwin and Visual Studio/VC++ Express are required.

> - How are "build-webkit script", "|set-webkit-configuration| script" 
> and |"update-webkit| script" needed? Are they needed to be run before 
> any compilation? 

You must run update-webkit and build-webkit in order to install various 
dependencies that are required to build WebKit. set-webkit-configuration 
should not be required.

> - What is the difference in the SOURCE from nightly code location 
> (http://nightly.webkit.org/) and SOURCE from 
> (http://nightly.webkit.org/files/WebKit-SVN-source.tar.bz2 
> <http://nightly.webkit.org/files/WebKit-SVN-source.tar.bz2>) that is 
> updated every 6 hours. The SOURCE from the 2 different locations are 
> significantly different in sizes, 16 MB as compared to 700 MB in the 
> tar.bz2 file. Also, these two are different from the SVN checkout of 
> source from the trunk

I think the larger file is a working SVN checkout (i.e., it includes all 
the .svn directories), while the smaller one is essentially the output 
from "svn export".

> - I am unable to open the WebKit sln project located at the below 
> location
> .......\WebKit-r70732\WebKit\win\WebKit.vcproj
> because VS 2005 complains that it can't open 5 project folders 
> (JavascriptCore, Webcore etc...) as part of the project. Do I need to 
> get a licensed version of VS to execute Webkit solution.

You should be able to ignore those warnings.

> - Is there a basic skeleton of Webkit code that we can use as a start 
> to port to a newer embedded platform? Currently WebKit has all code 
> for all platform with several graphics projects. I want a basic 
> skeleton code to start with with all optional packages and code 
> stripped out.

I don't think there's an easy way to get just the source code that is 
used by a particular port.


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