[webkit-help] Questions on Webkit compliation on Windows

Muralidharan Narayanan murali.n at motorola.com
Wed Nov 17 02:15:44 PST 2010


I understand my questions maybe visited however I am unable to find answers
from mailing list. please help.
I have several questions on compiling Webkit on windows.

- Can I compile webkit on Visual Studio 2005 independent of compiling on

- Can I compile webkit on Cygwin independent of compiling on Visual Studio

- How are "build-webkit script", "set-webkit-configuration script" and
"update-webkit script" needed? Are they needed to be run before any

- What is the difference in the SOURCE from nightly code location (
http://nightly.webkit.org/) and SOURCE from
that is updated every 6 hours. The SOURCE from the 2 different locations are
significantly different in sizes, 16 MB as compared to 700 MB in the tar.bz2
file. Also, these two are different from the SVN checkout of source from the

- I am unable to open the WebKit sln project located at the below location
because VS 2005 complains that it can't open 5 project folders
(JavascriptCore, Webcore etc...) as part of the project. Do I need to get a
licensed version of VS to execute Webkit solution.

- Is there a basic skeleton of Webkit code that we can use as a start to
port to a newer embedded platform? Currently WebKit has all code for all
platform with several graphics projects. I want a basic skeleton code to
start with with all optional packages and code stripped out.

Thanks a lot for helping me with these for now. It will be a great help.
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