[webkit-help] Diagnosing QuickTime Plugin

Dan Wood dw43031apple at karelia.com
Thu Jul 15 16:21:54 PDT 2010

I'm having trouble with a webview not loading QuickTime properly.  This problem also exhibits itself in Safari, but Firefox is OK!

Check out the embedded quicktime on this page http://thesnapblog.com/tunes-collection/all-day-hillsong-united.html  (or many others in "the fusion collection" on that site) and note the tiny blue "Q" icon with question mark indicating the quicktime plugin having a problem.

I'm using the javascript loading technique, though the <noscript> part, which is equivalent, shows the issue.

The file it references is there, and playable if its URL is directly entered into the browser bar -- since Firefox plays it, that is perhaps obvious.

Any suggestions on how to diagnose why the QuickTime Plugin is having problems?

Dan Wood
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