[webkit-help] WebKit+cairo javascript print support and missing entry point

Jerry Evans jerry at NovaDSP.com
Tue Jul 13 03:56:39 PDT 2010


re fontmetrics: implemented in \win\webkitgraphics.cpp. check file is 
being compiled & linked. IIRC there is a #define to ensure Cairo uses 
native font handling



On 13/07/2010 03:56, sunil wrote:
> Hi all,
> My first post here, so advance apologies if this is misdirected or 
> part of a FAQ - would appreciate being pointed in the right direction.
> Many thanks to Brent for the CFLite work and the Cairo port. Once I 
> actually followed the instructions, it built like a charm (XP SP3, 
> VS2005) and works exactly as advertised.
> I had a couple of questions regarding the Cairo port:
> 1. whenever I try to run the generated WebKit.exe, it fails on loading 
> WebKit.dll with the message "The procedure entry point FontMetrics 
> could not be located in the dynamic link library Webkit.dll."  Is 
> WebKit.exe even supposed to run the Cairo port, or did I somehow mess 
> up my build? Obviously, this problem does not exist with 
> WinLauncher.exe or the test wrapper app I built (which is essentially 
> a clone of WinLauncher).
> 2. One of my test html pages has a javascript button click event 
> handler that invokes window.print(). For some reason, this call 
> silently fails when the page is loaded into WinLauncher. FWIW, I see 
> the same behavior with the Chromium Embedded Framework. But the 
> windows (non-cairo) WebKit.exe and Safari do not fail this call. And 
> neither does a build of Chromium. Any pointers?
> Thanks in advance,
> Sunil
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