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Xavier Vautier xavier.vautier at ubisoft.com
Tue Jul 6 06:57:01 PDT 2010

Hello Jerry !

I am interested in replacing the CoreFoundation by CFLite. Is there others manipulations to do in order to remove all dependencies to CoreFoundation ?
If you can provide me the source code with the Visual Studio project, it will be wonderful.

My build process was quiet simple.

1)      I install cygwin with all needed tools (make, gperf, bison, flex, perl)

2)      I download the webkit tarball. (Update it thanks to Tortoise SVN (in my case, update-webkit* scripts do not work))

3)      I download the WebKitAuxilaryLibrary package

4)      I download the WebKitSupportLibrary package

5)      I convert the WebKit.sln (2005) from the trunk to Visual Studio 2008 project thanks to the automatic convertion tool of VS2008.

6)      I modified a lot of project properties (Adding a lot of includes and libraries directories, removing some).

7)      I removed some _USRDLL and  *_EXPORTS macro-definitions in the projects.

8)      I downloaded ICU (version 4..4). Not sure about that, since you have headers and libraries in the libraries Packages.

9)      I add to change "Treat Warnings as Errors" to NO.

And for the moment, WebKit is built, but I do not success to use it (WebKit.lib) in another application without getting different DLL usage errors. (It is why I want to remove all dependencies to DLLs).

Thanks for all the help you can give me on this task Jerry !

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You can try replacing the CoreFoundation dependency with CF-Lite (open-source version from Apple). I can send you the appropriate VS2008 project file.

I am very interested in your build process. How did you generate the 2008 solution/project files?


On 05/07/2010 19:45, Xavier Vautier wrote:
Hello everybody !

Thanks in advance for all answers you will be available to provide to me.

I am using Visual Studio 2008 with a Windows XP Pro SP2 PC.
I am trying to use WebKit to render HTML pages into a specific platform.

I succeed compiling and linking WebKit under Visual Stuio 2008.
But, when launching my application which uses WebKit, it crashes and asked me for CoreFoundation.dll... DLL that I did not found in the WebKit trunk or WebKitSupportLibrary(.zip).

Where can I found the CoreFoundation.dll which correspond to the CoreFoundation.lib which is contained in the WebKitSupportLibrary package ?

Is there a way to remove WebKit dependencies to this library (CoreFoundation) ?

Thank you !

Xavier Vautier


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