[webkit-help] Cyclic dependency error when using xlC on AIX

Pankaj Jangid pankaj.jangid at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 20:00:48 PST 2010


I am buiding Qt 4.5.3 with webkit (QtWebkit) on AIX. I have ported the code
to build QtWebkit to compile properly with compiler xlC_r (v7) on AIX. The
code is now building properly with -release mode but sample application is
generating a segfault. Following is the debugger (dbx) output.

% dbx ./webkit_proto
Type 'help' for help.
reading symbolic information ...
(dbx) run

Segmentation fault in fastMalloc__3WTFFUl at 0xd444176c ($t1)
0xd444176c (fastMalloc__3WTFFUl+0x28) 9163beef        stw   r11,-16657(r3)
(dbx) where
fastMalloc__3WTFFUl() at 0xd444176c
at 0xd4639c6c
at 0xd4638430
at 0xd461fe4c
at 0xd4ce7af0
at 0xd4ce7920
init__Q2_7WebCore11FrameLoaderFv() at 0xd47bffc4
init__Q2_7WebCore5FrameFv() at 0xd46656e0
init__16QWebFramePrivateFP9QWebFramePQ2_7WebCore4PageP13QWebFrameData() at
__ct__9QWebFrameFP8QWebPageP13QWebFrameData() at 0xd4cbdeb4
createMainFrame__15QWebPagePrivateFv() at 0xd4cad98c
mainFrame__8QWebPageCFv() at 0xd4cb3010
setViewportSize__8QWebPageCFRC5QSize() at 0xd4cb30f4
setView__8QWebPageFP7QWidget() at 0xd4cb2eec
__ct__8QWebPageFP7QObject() at 0xd4cb2de0
page__8QWebViewCFv() at 0xd52218f0
setHtml__8QWebViewFRC7QStringRC4QUrl() at 0xd5221a4c
Browser(QWidget*)(0x20044cb8, 0x0), line 10 in "browser.cpp"
main(argc = 1, argv = 0x2ff22034), line 7 in "main.cpp"

To my surprize the ported code is producing compile time errors when using
-debug configure option. There is a cyclic dependency in code and the xlC
compiler (v7) doesn't handle forward declaration properly in templates. But
I am not sure why this code is compiling in release mode and not in debug

The compilation error comes while processing file
JavaScriptCore/parser/Parser.cpp. The error is shown in file
JavaScriptCore/wtf/RefPtr.h for undefined class FuncDeclNode.

In summary, I have two problems:-
1. Compilation in debug mode. How to trick the compiler (xlC v7) to build
the code when using forward declarations and templates both?
2. If not 1 then can somebody give me any idea why this above error is
produced? Using the hint I'll try to fix the issue in release mode.

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