[webkit-help] QtWebkit library size in Qt

Hui Tang Hui.Tang at cybercom.com
Wed Feb 10 18:15:26 PST 2010

 I tried to compile QtWebkit with USE_SYSTEM_MALLOC=1 macro;
In Qt Webcore pro file, I modified "DEFINES" like this: 
wince* {

    INCLUDEPATH += $$PWD/../JavaScriptCore/os-wince
    INCLUDEPATH += $$PWD/../JavaScriptCore/os-win32

  When I started to run fancybwoser demo,  I got the error:
Cannot execute "fancybrowser". A critical component is either missing or is failing to start due to low memory.


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please try to compile QtWebKit with USE_SYSTEM_MALLOC=1 macro.


On Wednesday 10 February 2010, at 04:36, Hui Tang wrote:
> Hi, all
> I have some problems about QtWebkit run on wince5.0 on RMI DBAu1250 board.
>  Please give me some suggestion what to do as possible as you can?
> We have a demo based on Qt-4.6.0, and run on wince5.0; due to different
>  applications and functions, our demo split into serial plugins; Our demo
>  can run on RMI Alchemy DBAu1250 dev-board now, but it couldn't load the
>  plugins at the same time, i.e. if I put all the app plugins into the
>  plugin dir, it will not be loaded by demo; but if I put app plugins one by
>  one into plugin dir, it could be loaded successfully.
> Another issue is that we can't load QtWebkit module depended plugins, we
>  assume that started QtWebkit will cost much of memories, and the wince5.0
>  can't provide enough memories, only 32MB can be provided for each process,
>  arm I right? If so, could you please give me any advices to tailor
>  QtWebkit for small size?
> If I started Qt Web browser demo which based on webkit, it will failed to
>  run. The errors like below:
> Fatal Application Error
> Application qtwincetest.exe has performed an illegal operation and will be
>  shutdown. If the problem persists, contact the program vendor. Programe:
>  qtwincetest.exe
> Exception: 0x80000002
> Address: 0105493C
> I will be very appreciated your help.
> Thanks
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