[webkit-help] IDL file format description

Thomas Fletcher thomas at cranksoftware.com
Wed Feb 3 12:17:38 PST 2010

Thomas Fletcher wrote:
> I'm just working my way through the details of how an internal
> attribute/method works its way from being part of the C++ object
> to being exposed to JS and the interaction story there.
> I can see that most of the work of creating the JS bindings is
> done through the use of IDL files and the generate-bindings.pl
> Perl script.
> Is there anywhere that describes the WebKit elements of these
> files and how they are used?

To help anyone else who happens to be starting out in WebKit and
wondering the same thing about these IDL files, the syntax seems
to match (mostly) what is described here:


Thomas Fletcher
Crank Software Inc.

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