[webkit-help] Question about how HTMLFormElement builds query string

Alexey Proskuryakov ap at webkit.org
Wed Feb 3 11:03:38 PST 2010

On 02.02.2010, at 20:36, Peter Fletcher wrote:

> My question is in the for loop before, why it only cares about Input  
> Form Element when building the form data? What happens to Select  
> form element's value?

This code builds a FormState object, while the data to submit is built  
by HTMLFormElement::createFormData(). I'm not quite sure what  
FormState is used for, but it's a different thing. It seems to only be  
passed to client, perhaps for autofill purposes.

Is there a particular bug your are looking to fix?

- WBR, Alexey Proskuryakov

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