[webkit-help] Question about how HTMLFormElement builds query string

Peter Fletcher peter.fletcher62 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 20:36:51 PST 2010


I have looked at the code of how HTMLFormElement builds query string when it
is submitted.
For each form control element it needs to build a query string of a key and
value pair.

I think the code which does it is (which i confirmed by stepped thru the

My question is in the for loop before, why it only cares about Input Form
Element when building the form data? What happens to Select form element's

void HTMLFormElement::submit(Event* event, bool activateSubmitButton, bool
lockHistory, FormSubmissionTrigger formSubmissionTrigger)
 //... omit
 Vector<pair<String, String> > formValues;

    for (unsigned i = 0; i < formElements.size(); ++i) {
        HTMLFormControlElement* control = formElements[i];

        // Question: Why it only checks for input form element???
        if (control->hasLocalName(inputTag)) {
            HTMLInputElement* input =
            if (input->isTextField()) {
                formValues.append(pair<String, String>(input->name(),
                if (input->isSearchField())
        if (needButtonActivation) {
            if (control->isActivatedSubmit())
                needButtonActivation = false;
            else if (firstSuccessfulSubmitButton == 0 &&
                firstSuccessfulSubmitButton = control;
 //... omit
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