[webkit-help] isOverLink() function in android-webkit

Ariya Hidayat ariya.hidayat at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 00:37:50 PST 2010

> I tried to debug it with gdb, for that I changed Makefile to compile webkit
> with -g option, again
> added flag '-g' to  global_cflags in GNUmakefile.in. Still, gdb is not able
> to insert breakpoint. Any hints
> fot this ?  I know this is not the mailing-list to ask question related to
> gdb. Sorry for that.

What do you mean by "not able to insert breakpoint"? Only by being
specific you can possibly get specific answers, too.
Note that if your webkit is a dynamically loaded library, gdb
potentially can't locate the symbols for your breakpoint. Also, make
sure you include the namespace WebCore when targetting a certain
function. In addition, check that the lib is built with the debug
symbol included (merely -g does not guarantee that).

As you agree, this is not a place for gdb tutorial so I'd just stop at
that. In case of further problems, I kindly suggest that you consult
someone who is more familiar with gdb and get some insights from him.

> I did not give up. I know that  m_innerURLElement's type is RefPtr<Element>,
> but in definition
> of Element class which is in WebCore/dom/Element.h/.cpp, there is no
> function declaration/definition
> for function get().

You just precisely describe what you have missed out. IOW, you did not
check RefPtr class, did you?


Ariya Hidayat

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