[webkit-help] Webkit2 Maturity

Shanfeng Cheng sfcheng at gmail.com
Tue Dec 28 09:46:56 PST 2010


How mature is the webkit2 api at the moment? I am planning to build a browser based on webkit and would like to make use of webkit2 if it's fairly mature. 

I found the webkit2 header files in the source tree. Is there any detailed documentation about the webkit2 api other than the source files?

I tried out the MiniBrowser example based on Webkit2. I opened a few websites at the same time and I found that all the websites are rendering within a single Webkit2WebProcess.exe. This is not what I expected. I expected each website to be rendered in a separate process, just like Chrome and IE8. Otherwise, a crash within a single website will crash the entire web process. Is there any way to configure Webkit2 so that a separate process is used to render each website?

Is QTWebkit based on Webkit2 available now? If not, what is the plan about it? 

Thanks a lot for answering the questions. 

Best regards. 

Shanfeng Cheng
sfcheng at gmail.com

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