[webkit-help] Webkit could not layout Chinese punctuation symbol correctly!

achellies achellies at 163.com
Mon Dec 27 22:06:14 PST 2010

HI, I used the WinceWebkit Port(http://gitorious.org/+wincewebkit-developers), and it is too large to run on WinCE Emulation, so i build the wince port's source codes to run under windows desktop, but i have a question with the winceWebkit running windows desktop, the images and english words (include the English punctuation symbol) are all rendered correctly, but when i use the webkit to render Chinese words, the words are rendered correct, but the Chinese punctuation symbols' position are rendered wrong, the Chinese punctuation symbols are all placed at the begin of the line,  Does anyone know the reason? please do me a favor to push me in the correct direction.

Thanks in advance.
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