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Nimish Nayak nimishnayk at gmail.com
Thu Dec 23 03:40:07 PST 2010


I am extending The Javascript Core using the JSCore FrameWork Reference
given by Apple. (
As of now its working fine but I have certain doubts.

1) I am using JSValueToStringCopy to create a new JSStringRef from the
JSValueRef. Now what i observe is when i run this command in a loop
(requirement to get many values)
the memory location of JSStringRef keeps on changing whereas if i use
JSStringRelease Function at the end of that loop the memory location remains
Is JSStringRelease required ? Am i wasting memory in the first case.. ? It
does not give an error so it means that the memory is being managed.. but I
am worried if its managed properly or not.

2) Using the IWebFrame Interface, loadHTMLString function we can load the
HTML string when the WinLauncher App starts. But I would like to give the
location of the File from the local Disk How to achieve this

3)I have observed that an alert on a JS page does not get called. which is
quite weird. Is this a bug? How to enable the alerts so that if someone on
the page goes alert("hi"); it would actually
alert like firefox and Safari

Thanks in Advance.

Mr. Nimish Nayak
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