[webkit-help] Flickering in Android Webkit browser

Nitin Mahajan nitinm76 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 10 06:22:56 PST 2010

Hello All,

I am running using Android 2.2 browser(skia) on a OMAP 35x device with a TV and VGA display alternatively. I have a TI Provided flash 10.1 evaluation plug-in also installed.

Whenever I use the browser to browse a website with flash content, I see a lot of flickering happening on scree. I continue to see such flickering, even if I am now browsing a different website without flash content in same window. The flicker is there until the browser process is not killed and restarted.

Another observation I have is that flicker happens when resolution is 720x480 for TV, 640x480 for VGA, but it does not happen when the resolution is 1024x768 for VGA.

Now the Webkit specific part ...

What I am doubting is that once the flash runs in the Browser as a plug-in, it sets WebKit in such a state such that, 
The Browser window background is completely cleared or painted black and then followed by foreground painting/rendering. This causes the flicker..

1. Please let me know if my assumption is in right direction or totally off the track?

2. If my assumption is true, which part of Webkit code should I debug and find out, whether really a background clearing and then foreground painting of whole browser window is causing this?
Can I get some pointers towards, how to pin point the problem?

Earlier while using QtWebKit browser on same hardware setup, same resolutions, same display device and with a little earlier version of flash plug-in I never saw this problem.

Thanks in advance


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