[webkit-help] Webkit Layout tests execution

Marri Reddy marrinreddy at rediffmail.com
Mon Aug 9 05:17:28 PDT 2010

Hi ,
We are trying to add new tests to layout tests , in-order to adding new test we are doing following steps .

1.Generating expected text file for new test using "run-webkit-test --reset-results --gtk /layouttests/ new test.html
2.Expected file is generated in the /platform/gtk/---
3.Running the test using " run-webkit-test --gtk /layouttest/new test.html
4.Test file is executed successfully using Dumprender tool 

Issue is  When we opened same html file manually in the GtkLauncher we observed that test is failing .

Please confirm that the way we generating expected file is correct ? or please provide the steps to generate expected files for new tests .

Regards ,
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