[webkit-help] file: scheme on Windows?

Russ Schnapp rls.webkit at schnapp.org
Thu Apr 29 18:10:49 PDT 2010

A little more info:

The Apple Windows port of WebKit is using CoreFoundations (borrowed from 
Safari) to perform the resource handling (i.e., it uses 
WebCore/platform/network/cf/Resource...) to deal with data sources.  If 
I could get it to use WebCore/platform/network/win/Resource..., 
MIMETypeRegistry would be used, and all would be well.  But that's not 
what's going on.

However, I notice that in
   C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple
	\Apple Application Support\CFNetwork.resources

...there resides a certain file, types.plist.  This is an xml file in 
the Apple "Property List" form, specifying the file extension-to-MIME 

So that leaves me wondering how to tell CoreFoundations.dll to use 
types.plist!  I suspect Safari knows to use it, since it has no 
difficulty rendering local file URLs...

Anybody know how to tell CoreFoundations where to find types.plist?

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