[webkit-help] minibrowser or other thin wrapper

Alan Burnett ralanburnett at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 26 15:33:44 PDT 2010

Thanks Maciej,

I couldn't find the project files at <http://developer.apple.com/> but it gave me the idea to see if I could find it in the developer/examples/webkit folder on an older mac i have.  Sure enough, it was there.  I'm thinking that the more recent versions of Xcode don't a lot of the examples anymore.

Subject: Re: [webkit-help] minibrowser or other thin wrapper
From: mjs at apple.com
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 14:44:24 -0700
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To: ralanburnett at hotmail.com

On Apr 26, 2010, at 2:21 PM, Alan Burnett wrote:I am looking for a minibrowser xcodeproj file or something similar that used to be provided with the source tree download (I think - at least it was referenced in some of the older documentation as a way to build a simple browser).  There was a recent minibrowser for WebKit2, but I would prefer to use WebKit and I had too many build errors for the WebKit2 minibrowser anyway.  Otherwise, I am looking for a thin wrapper that allows me to build a simple browser using WebKit.  Using a Webview does me no good - I need to control some lower-level platform rendering.

There is a minibrowser sample that works with the normal WebKit API, available on <http://developer.apple.com/>.
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