[webkit-help] fatal error LNK1106:invalid file or disk full:cannot seek to 0x51F028B7 on Windows Platform

张晓明 zhangxm at yahoo.cn
Wed Apr 21 01:20:58 PDT 2010

    I encountered a problem when build the latest webkit source on windows xp。When WebCore.lib is linked ,an error occured。
    "WebCore.lib:fatal error LINK1106: Invalid file or disk full: cannot seek to )x51F028B7"。 
    My free disk space is more than 100G, free memory is more than 2 G。My platform is Windows XP+VS2005。I think my build  enviroment is OK, because I installed all the developer tools according to this page("http://webkit.org/building/tools.html"), and I can build some old version webkit source successfully(e.g.,nightly build r54943)。

   When I monitored the webcore.lib in the disk space, when "Creating librar..." is in progress, webcore.lib is created an grows to more than 1200M。then link error occured and webcore.lib is removed.
   I noticed some one has met the same problem(http://old.nabble.com/Building-Win32-Release-WebKit:-linker-error-LNK1106-td24721213.html);

   Any one know how to solve this problem?



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