[webkit-help] WebKitAPITest WebViewDestruction/MainFrameAfterClose failure

Russ Schnapp rls.webkit at schnapp.org
Fri Apr 2 18:25:51 PDT 2010

I've built WebKit for Windows, and am trying to make sure it's all 
working (though I have to say I'm daunted by all the non-open-source 
third party DLLs that have to be present in order for it to run!).

While running WebKitAPITest, the MainFrameAfterClose test is failing. 
The destruction of WebView.m_page (triggered by WebView::close) is 
somehow also causing the deallocation of m_mainFrame.

Is this a latent bug, discovered only because I happen to be testing 
with Visual Studio's Debug configuration (which fills deallocated blocks 
with 0xfeeefeee)?

Or have I somehow built this thing incorrectly?  Or should I not be 
concerned about this?

Most of the preceding tests are reporting "PASS".  I just noticed one 
other failure:  NoCloseOrDestroyViewWindow reports

"webViewCount() == currentWebViewCount - 1 

Apparently, the webViewCount() didn't decrement from 1 to 0 after 
deleting the reference to webView.

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