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I tried to post this once already so I apologize if it arrives twice.


I have been trying to get a handle on the memory requirements for WebKit on
Linux.  I have built a head branch GTK version and am running GtkLauncher.
I modified the launcher so that when a load finished is called I load a new
URL.  I am loading 20 URLS in a loop of 10 reps for a total of 200 page
loads.  What I have been seeing is that the memory continuously grows and
after this test it was at 150Mb.  These numbers were gathered from "ps" and
also using  perl script I obtained from the OWB site (script looks at
/proc/pid/maps).  I tried to modify things like page cache numbers and the
cache capacity sizes but this had little effect. 


Has anyone else monitored the memory for WebKit?  Have you seen similar
results?  I would also be interested in an memory benchmarks or requirements
for WebKit as I can't find anything on the web.





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