[webkit-help] [ webkit-help ] webkit is crashing while calling JS callback function

anil v anil.vemulapally at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 06:12:39 PDT 2009

Hi All,

    Webkit is crashing while calling JS Callback function from the C++
application.  In my  C++ application I have created a thread which
continuously listens on UDP socket and when receives the data then it has to
intimate to the JS application asynchronously.

 *Case-1*:. I have tested my application with sample html. The html only
contains the JS callback function, In this case i am able to notify the
event asyncronously to the JS and able to    call the JS Callback function.

 In Case-2 I have created an html which periodically request the data from
my server using Ajax call and after get the data it does some processing
while doing this Ajax request and processing if the JS Callback function
gets called from the C++ application at that time webkit is getting
crashing. So I am here suspecting context switching is not happening and not
handling by the JavaScript core.  Can any one help me how can i execute
Case-2 successfully ?

Could you please help me how can I execute the second case successfully ?

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