[webkit-help] Exception in setThreadNameInternal

Seweryn Pływaczyk s.plywaczyk at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 13:57:08 PST 2009

Hi All

I have question related with exception raised in setThreadNameInternal

I mean this: RaiseException(MS_VC_EXCEPTION, 0,
sizeof(info)/sizeof(ULONG_PTR), reinterpret_cast<ULONG_PTR*>(&info));

I've read some posts on the different forums, and it seems to me that the
only purpose of his function is to set the name of the thread for a debugger
is that right?

For some reason, this exception is also caught by my release build, what is
really not desirable because WebKit is stucked and waiting for continue key

Anyway, my question is: Because actually I don't need this name, can I just
comment setThreadNameInternal out in initializeThreading() in
ThreadingWin.cpp without any impact on working of WebKit?

Thank you in advance.

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