[webkit-help] about the layout fail float/033.html

Hodovan.Renata at stud.u-szeged.hu Hodovan.Renata at stud.u-szeged.hu
Fri Jul 31 07:17:36 PDT 2009


I'm Reni from Szeged. I have to fix LayoutTests, but I'm new to this.  
I found your e-mail address in Changeset 40671., where you modified  
the RenderLayer class.  Now I'm working on a test, which use this  
class (LayoutTests/fast/block/float/033.html), but I don't really  
understand your changes and I think you're  the most competent in this  
Well... This html contains 2 divs. The first one, which has a hidden  
overflow css property, contains the second one. The height of the  
second div is too large and overflows the visible screen.
There are 3 layers in expected txt, which are inherited from each  
other. The top layer is the parent. This represents the logical size  
of the document (800x2008). The children of the first layer has the  
visible content, whose size should be 800x600, but it's 800x2008. I  
found that this height is come from variable  
RenderBlock::m_overflowHeight, which was set in RenderLayer.cpp at  
line 590 (this part of code is yours) and in  
RenderBlock.cpp::addVisualOverflow (line 3283). The last function  
isn't clear for me. What does visualOverflow mean? And what's the goal  
of your code?
(If I change the value of m_overflowHeight in RenderLayer.cpp at 3289  
or in RenderBlock.cpp at 870 from m_overflowHeight to height() then  
the test is success.)

Which part is responsible of this failure in your opinion?

Thanks in advance.
Renata Hodovan

P.S.: You can find me on IRC, at channel #webkit or #qtwebkit with nick reni.

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