[webkit-help] Win32_cairo debug - error 14001 on LoadLibrary: application configuration incorrect

Thomas Brodt thomas.brodt at porabo.ch
Fri Jul 31 02:48:54 PDT 2009

I can build both (debug and release) win32_cairo versions successfully, 
but only the release version of webkit.dll can be loaded.

If I try to load the debug version (with my application or winlauncher) 
I get the complaint that the application configuration was incorrect and 
I should reinstall. Error code from LoadLibrary is 14001.

My config is
- Revision 46624 of webkit from today, 07/31, but happens since a while back
- Windows XP SP3
- debug_win32-cairo
- I wiped the WebKitBuild directory before building

Can anyone give me any hint for that, I have no clue what to do with 
this error.


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