[webkit-help] WebKit "BUILD FAILED"

Nicholas Geier ncgeier at vistaresources.net
Tue Jul 28 22:15:15 PDT 2009

I don't know much about how this help  list works, so I don't know if this
reply is going to go to Ryan's email since it was his (your) email address I
clicked on to get here.  But it is addressed to the webkit-help email
address so I would think it gets posted on the site with all the other
messages?  I did follow all the instructions, but everyone has their own
interpretation of following instructions, but more importantly, everyone has
a different environment before even starting to follow the same
Let's just assume for a moment that I followed the instructions the exact
same way as everyone else that is doing this on a Windows Vista system.  The
key issue isn't so much the fact I get BUILD FAILED, time after time after
time.  The issue is that the results are different each and every time.  I
think the reason behind that has to be discovered before I can move forward.
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