[webkit-help] Issues while calling JS Callback functions from C++

anil v anil.vemulapally at gmail.com
Sun Aug 23 09:17:37 PDT 2009

Hi All,

      Whenever I get asynchronous events, I am calling Javascript callback
functions from C++ as described in the attached sample code.
>From the given sample code, I have written two functions in C++(i.e. *
myServerNotification_1* and *myServerNotification_2*), for calling same JS
callback function (i.e *notificationReceived*) with different argument
values on two different events.

In my application asynchronous events will come frequently and by using this
approach it is working fine sometimes and sometimes its giving error like
"Illegal opcode" or "caught signal 4 segmentation fault".

Can you please suggest me whether this approach is proper or not? If so
could you please suggest me where I am making mistake in the given sample

or Is there any better approach other than which I mentioned above for
calling JS callback functions from C++ in webkit ?

We are using Webkit GTK port version 1.1.1 and the platform is ARM

Thanks in Advance.

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