[webkit-help] Cross-compiling webkit for ARM platform on Linux-x86 machine

Jilu Oommen jilu at tataelxsi.co.in
Thu Aug 20 07:02:21 PDT 2009

Hi Gabor,

Thanks for all your help.

Currently my problem is that for crosscompiling Webkit-Qt port for ARM, 
instead of *g++*
 I want to compile the files using '*arm-softfloat-linux-gnu-g++'*

I tried changing the defines for CXX in all makefiles manually, but 
still I can see that when I invoke
build-webkit --qt, still the *g++ *comand is getting invoked instead of 

Can you please suggest as to where do I have to change in the Makefiles,
or is it possible to give this as argument to build-webkit

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks in advance,

Gabor Loki wrote:
> Jilu Oommen wrote:
>> Hi Gabor,
>> Thanks for your reply.
>> Sorry for the trouble, can you please tell me the command to checkout 
>> a particular revision of webkit (r47266).
>> From the links that you had mentioned, I guess the latest versions of 
>> webkit can be checked out.
> $> svn checkout -r 47266 http://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk 
> WebKit
> or
> $> git clone git://git.webkit.org/WebKit.git WebKit
> $> git reset --hard 52000e7db5dd7025668fbda1cdb902e8376f8387
>> "Until there is ARM JIT support for Gtk port, you can add 'arm' host
>> into configure.ac by hand (see around configure.ac:530)."
>> Also, I understand that in revision r47266 of webkit , by adding 
>> 'arm' host in configure.ac, I will be able to get
>> ARM JIT support for QT port. Currently there  is no option to enable 
>> ARM JIT support for GTK support.
>> Is my understanding correct?
> Sorry, I was not clear. You do not need to change anything for Qt port 
> at r47266 (just add those defines).
> See Qt build guide at http://trac.webkit.org/wiki/BuildingQtOnLinux .
> For Gtk port the configure and makefiles files are not yet prepared to 
> support ARM JIT. In this case
> you have to add new configure rules, and add new files to Makefiles.
> --Gabor

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