[webkit-help] Cross-compiling webkit for ARM platform on Linux-x86 machine

Gabor Loki loki at inf.u-szeged.hu
Tue Aug 18 07:25:30 PDT 2009

Jilu Oommen wrote:
> I am not able to get the revision 47266 from webkit trunk
> (http://nightly.webkit.org/builds/trunk/src/1). So I have taken revision
> 47409.

Unfortunately there is a bug after r47266 which breaks ARM JIT.

So I recommend you to download the code with svn or git. See at
http://webkit.org/building/checkout.html or

> My aim is to crosscompile Webkit on X86 machine with target ARM.
> I have compiled with
> But still I am getting the following log :

I guess your target port is Gtk. We have only extended Qt port to
support ARM JIT yet. I don't think it will be a hard task to extend Gtk
with ARM JIT as well.

Until there is ARM JIT support for Gtk port, you can add 'arm' host
into configure.ac by hand (see around configure.ac:530).


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