[webkit-help] Cross-compiling webkit for ARM platform on Linux-x86 machine

Jilu Oommen jilu at tataelxsi.co.in
Tue Aug 18 06:46:15 PDT 2009

Hi Gabor,

I am not able to get the revision 47266 from webkit trunk 
(http://nightly.webkit.org/builds/trunk/src/1). So I have taken revision 

My aim is to crosscompile Webkit on X86 machine with target ARM.
I have compiled with


But still I am getting the following log :

WebKit was configured with the following options:

Build configuration:
 Enable debugging (slow)                                  : no
 Enable GCC build optimization                            : yes
 Code coverage support                                    : no
 Unicode backend                                          : icu
 Font backend                                             : freetype
 Optimized memory allocator                               : yes
 3D Transforms                                            : no
 *JIT compilation                                          : no (CPU 'arm' not supported)*
 Dashboard support                                        : yes
 Filters support                                          : no
 Geolocation support                                      : no
 JavaScript debugger/profiler support                     : yes
 HTML5 offline web applications support                   : yes
 HTML5 channel messaging support                          : yes
 HTML5 client-side session and persistent storage support : yes
 HTML5 client-side database storage support               : yes
 HTML5 ruby support                                       : yes
 HTML5 server-sent events support                         : yes
 HTML5 video element support                              : yes
 Icon database support                                    : yes
 SharedWorkers support                                    : no
 SVG support                                              : yes
 SVG animation support                                    : yes
 SVG fonts support                                        : yes
 SVG foreign object support                               : yes
 SVG as image support                                     : yes
 SVG use element support                                  : yes
 WML support                                              : no
 Web Sockets support                                      : no
 Web Workers support                                      : yes
 XPATH support                                            : yes
 XSLT support                                             : yes
GTK+ configuration:
 GDK target                                               : x11
 Hildon UI extensions                                     : no

Please advise as to how to enable JIT for ARM

Thanks in advance,

Gabor Loki wrote:
> Jilu Oommen wrote:
>> Thanks for your advice. It was a path issue itself and that error is
>> resolved.
>> Now WebKit is configured with:
>>  JIT compilation                                          : no (CPU
>> 'arm' not supported)
>> the code I am using is the latest arm port code from Webkit site.
>> (http://code.staikos.net/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=webkit;a=shortlog;h=loki/arm-port)
> Hi Jilu,
> This branch is obsolete (see at https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=24986).
> Use the default WebKit trunk instead of this branch.
> I recommend you to use WebKit at the 47266 revision
> (ef5f81677659589e27da0f8376d596eff751012e).
> Then compile with the following defines:
> --Gabor

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