[webkit-gtk] Performance issue for some https urls

Michael Catanzaro mcatanzaro at redhat.com
Wed Jan 18 16:56:27 PST 2023

On Wed, Jan 18 2023 at 09:49:34 PM +0100, Antonio <antonio at vieiro.net> 
> 1.- Is this a bug or a feature?

A 12-second delay is certainly not good, but why do you suspect the 
performance problems you've found have anything to do with certificate 
validation? That should happen more or less instantaneously. And if 
DigiCert were not trusted (it surely is) then the page would not load 
at all. So I suspect something unrelated is wrong.

Since you're investigating a performance problem, be sure to use 
webkit2gtk-4.1 (libsoup 3, HTTP/2) and not webkit2gtk-4.0 (libsoup 2, 
HTTP/1.1), although it shouldn't make *that* big of a difference.

> 2.- Does WebKitGTK use the system CA trustore or an embedded one?

On Ubuntu and most Linux distros, it will use the system trust.

> 3.- How can I can specify a custom CA truststore in my WebKitGTK app?

You cannot, sorry. API users do not have this level of control over the 
network process.


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