[webkit-gtk] Build for GTK+2 with gcc 11.2

Frederick Virchanza Gotham cauldwell.thomas at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 03:09:46 PST 2022

I'm currently making my own Linux distribution for 32-Bit ARM Big
Endian. (There are Little Endian distroes but there are no Big Endian
one's for 32-Bit ARM). The CPU inside the 32-Bit Raspberry Pi can be
configured to run in Big Endian mode and so that's why I'm doing this.

So anyway I want to build wxWidgets with support for their "wxWebView"
class. In order to achieve this, I must first have webkitgtk installed
before I go on to build wxWidgets.

For the time being I've chosen to use GTK+2 in my distro. I don't
currently have plans to switch to GTK+3 (nor do I plan to have the
both of them installed simultaneously).

I think the latest version of webkitgtk that supports GTK+2 alone is
version 2.4.11. (Any version later than that gives an error when you
try run "cmake ." because it can't find GTK+3).

When I try to build webkitgtk-2.4.11 with the latest version of the
GNU compiler suite (gcc/g++ version 11.2), I get a load of compiler
errors. I think it's because the file "StdLibExtras.h" tries to supply
extra stuff to the standard library which was experimental back in
2016 -- stuff which has since been added to gcc 11.2.

I tried patching a file here and there in webkitgtk-2.4.11 but the
list of compiler errors gets longer. Should I just use gcc version
4.9.4 (released in August 2016) to build webkitgtk-2.4.11 statically
linked with the C++ standard library (i.e. link it with the flag
-static-stdc++), and then switch back to gcc 11.2 to build everything

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