[webkit-gtk] web process crashing on launch

Subramani, Prasanth prasubtk at amazon.com
Tue Aug 23 03:45:37 PDT 2022

Hi Michael,

I don't seem to be getting enough time to even attach to the GDB process.
I think it is terminated.

I do not know if it has been killed/terminated with some error.
If its closed by the main process is there a way to increase the wait time so that I can attach with GDB ?

Prasanth Subramani

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On Mon, Aug 22 2022 at 11:08:48 AM +0000, "Subramani, Prasanth"
<prasubtk at amazon.com> wrote:
> processDidTerminateOrFailedToLaunch: reason=4

Unfortunately that's ProcessTerminationReason::Unresponsive, which just means the web process is not replying to the UI process, so the UI process decided to kill it. Since it's not crashing, it's going to be pretty tough to debug. You can try attaching to the web process with gdb and take a few backtraces to see what it's doing. If you're lucky, then maybe the backtrace will show something interesting. But if it's just polling doing nothing, it could be very tough to figure out what's wrong.


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