[webkit-gtk] WebkitGtk2 How to save *original* source html/text of a website?

Leo Ufimtsev Leonidas at redhat.com
Fri May 19 12:24:05 PDT 2017


I'm working on Eclipse-SWT's webkit2 port.

On webkit2:
I'm trying to just grab the text/html of a website, such that it is as
close to the original html.

I tried:
webkit_web_view_save (..)
but it produces an MHTML that is different from the original. For example
'<script>' tags are stripped out.

With webkit1 we did it via:
source = webkit_web_frame_get_data_source(webkit_web_view_get_
data = webkit_web_data_source_get_data(source)

But on Webkit2 these functions don't exist anymore.

I haven't tried: webkit_web_resource_get_data() yet. (Does that do it
differently or same as view_save()?).

Any suggestions/snippets/advice?

Thank you


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