[webkit-gtk] Cross compile webkitgtktk

Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez clopez at igalia.com
Fri Jun 2 07:34:37 PDT 2017

On 02/06/17 15:59, Nagendra K wrote:
> Hi Carlos,
> Thanks for you reply. My project requires to use uclibs as this was a
> existing build and we are upgrading and toolchain is build using this.
> We are using little old buildroot-   buildroot-2015.02-rc1
> I checked the path you mentioned package/webkitgtk/webkitgtk.mk
> <http://webkitgtk.mk/>
> I could only see package/webkit/webkit.mk <http://webkitgtk.mk/> 
> Do you mean both are same ?

That is even older (webkit 1.11.5).. don't use this please.

Your best bet is to compile the last stable tarball using the
toolchain you have generated.

To do that look for a file named toolchainfile.cmake in your buildroot
output dir. Usually its at output/host/usr/share/buildroot/toolchainfile.cmake

And build the last stable tarball passing that toolchainfile.cmake like this

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake -DPORT=GTK -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=/full/path/to/buildroo/toolchainfile.cmake ..

If you get errors regarding missing libraries you have to build that libraries with
buildroot first.

More info: https://cmake.org/Wiki/CMake_Cross_Compiling#The_toolchain_file

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