[webkit-gtk] Remote protocol, websockets, and WebKitGTK 2.18

Michael Catanzaro mcatanzaro at igalia.com
Thu Jul 27 10:16:57 PDT 2017

On Thu, Jul 27, 2017 at 9:19 AM, Nicolas Petton <nicolas at petton.fr> 
> Carlos Garcia Campos <cgarcia at igalia.com> writes:
>>>  The blog post also mentions that Apple abandoned the websocket
>>>  approach
>>>  some time ago. I don't have a Mac to test it, but I was wondering 
>>> if
>>>  websockets would work with Safari or not.
>>  I haven't tried it, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't work in safari
>>  either, there's no code in WebKit to do that anymore.
> Thank you for making it clear.
> I compiled the WebKit from trunk and tried the remote inspector with 
> the
> mini browser.  I still seems to be a WebView with HTML pages, so I'm
> wondering how the inspector communicates now that WebKit is not using
> websockets anymore.

It uses D-Bus now!

The change should be transparent if you are using WebKitGTK+ for both 
the inspecting and inspected browsers. But now it will no longer work 
if the inspecting browser is not WebKitGTK+. Some users are not pleased 
that it's no longer possible to inspect a WebKitGTK+ browser from 
Chrome, for example. (Of course, this only ever worked by chance, for 
some particular snapshot of WebKit revisions... our inspector generally 
requires newer JavaScript than Chrome supports, so it would not have 
generally worked before anyway.)

> Do you know if the new protocol is documented somewhere?

I doubt it's documented, since it's an implementation detail. I bet 
Carlos will give you some pointers if you have questions about it, 

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