[webkit-gtk] Remote protocol, websockets, and WebKitGTK 2.18

Nicolas Petton nicolas at petton.fr
Thu Jul 27 01:19:31 PDT 2017

Carlos Garcia Campos <cgarcia at igalia.com> writes:

>> The blog post also mentions that Apple abandoned the websocket
>> approach
>> some time ago. I don't have a Mac to test it, but I was wondering if
>> websockets would work with Safari or not.
> I haven't tried it, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't work in safari
> either, there's no code in WebKit to do that anymore.

Thank you for making it clear.

I compiled the WebKit from trunk and tried the remote inspector with the
mini browser.  I still seems to be a WebView with HTML pages, so I'm
wondering how the inspector communicates now that WebKit is not using
websockets anymore.

Do you know if the new protocol is documented somewhere?

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