[webkit-gtk] Webkit GTK - faulty-renderings

Vellemans, Noel Noel.Vellemans at visionBMS.com
Tue Oct 20 23:51:24 PDT 2015


I encounter, some MIS-REDERINGS using webkitgtk-2.4.9. ( using GtkLauncher and Modiri , both have the same problem)

Building with gtk2 and / or gtk3 gives me the same faulty-screen output. 

It is hard to describe what goes wrong, but , in certain pages, I do get faulty-rendered  'artifacts'  ( faulty screen output).

( I'll include some screen-shots, to show you where it goes wrong, BAD_Capture.png : MIS-REDERING,  OK_Capture.png : this is how it looks normally)

Those 'faulty'-renderings are visible on different platforms, PC-x64, PX-x86 and Arm architectures (other architectures/platforms have not been tested).

{ FYI : When using an older web-kit version ( or current Chrome/Firefox/IE) , I do not have these faulty-renderings. } 
Any clue where to start looking ? 

Many Thanks,


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