[webkit-gtk] Status update after first week of gardening

Michael Catanzaro mcatanzaro at igalia.com
Fri Dec 18 18:48:39 PST 2015


Last week, 12 developers at the Web Engines Hackfest in A Coruña agreed
to collectively restart gardening efforts for WebKitGTK+. The hope is
that with a large number of people contributing only a small amount of
time each week or two, we could collectively make a big difference and
eventually get our tree green.

The following awesome people helped garden during the past week: Carlos
Lopez, Tomas Popela, Lorenzo Tilve, and myself

We started the week with the following results (r194029): Failed 369
jsc tests failed 149 failures 28 new passes 8 flakes 74 missing results
0 api tests failed, 0 crashed, 1 timed out, 15 skipped

Currently we're sitting at the following results (r194307): Failed 128
failures 14 new passes 6 flakes 74 missing results 0 api tests failed,
0 crashed, 2 timed out, 15 skipped

So we have some good progress on reducing both unexpected failures (-
20) and unexpected passes (-14). Also, the JSC folks rolled out a patch
that had broken all those JSC tests. Clearly we still have a long way
to go, but I'm confident that if we maintain the current level of
contribution, we'll be able to get the tree green and keep it that way.

The volunteers for next week are Emanuele Aina and ChangSeok Oh, from
Collabora. Thanks guys! The low amount of volunteers for next week is
due to the holiday week; after next week, we're scheduled to have four
volunteers per week again.

If you're a volunteer, please see http://trac.webkit.org/wiki/WebKitGTK
/Gardening/Calendar for an overview of the work we did this past week.
If you're not a volunteer but want to be, you can also sign up on that



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