[webkit-gtk] Deciding the deprecation path for WebKit1

Kalev Lember kalevlember at gmail.com
Sun May 25 14:16:08 PDT 2014

On 05/20/2014 03:20 PM, Carlos Garcia Campos wrote:
> El dom, 23-03-2014 a las 17:06 +0100, Kalev Lember escribió:
>>  - message catalogs (WebKitGTK-3.0.mo)
> Done, see http://trac.webkit.org/changeset/169108

Awesome, thanks!

>>  - /usr/share/webkitgtk-3.0/
> We don't install resources anymore, they all are compiled as GResources,
> see http://trac.webkit.org/changeset/168894

That's even better, thanks.

>>  - libjavascriptcoregtk-3.0 library (the library .so and the pkgconfig
>>    file and headers)
> This is not a problem, JSC is common to webkit1 and webkit2 and the
> libraries are already versioned, of course :-)

No, it's still a problem for distributors.

Right now webkit1 (2.4.x) and webkit2 (trunk) both install their own JSC
versions under the same "javascriptcoregtk-3.0" name. Depending on which
project installs their JSC files first they trump the other. Most
packaging systems (e.g. rpm) recognize this as a conflict and don't
allow this.

If you want to share JSC between webkit1 and webkit2, it should be split
out as a separate project. By that I don't mean anything crazy like
moving JSC to a different svn, but rather that it would be possible to
do a 'make install' that installs a standalone JSC, and then build both
webkit1 and webkit2 against the shared JSC.

If you do not want the share JSC, then it should be renamed in the
webkit2 version.

When I asked on IRC a while back if shared JSC makes sense, I got this

21:22 < kov> I don't see jsc being shareable between wk1 and wk2
21:23 < kov> kalev, its public API is stable, but webcore uses lots of
symbols which change very frequently
21:24 < kalev> ahh, fair enough

> I think current trunk should be parallel installable with old versions
> of WebKit1.

Sorry, it seems I missed one conflict in my original email -- can you
rename /usr/include/webkitgtk-3.0/ to /usr/include/webkit2gtk-3.0/ as well?


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