[webkit-gtk] testing text-caret-moved events

Jarek Czekalski jarek at jarek.katowice.pl
Fri May 2 00:43:07 PDT 2014

text-caret-moved is an event specific to gtk build, AFAIK. Seems like 
other platforms have no similar event. So I chose this list to discuss 
this issue.

When webkit1 was active, tests for this event were carried out in 
testatk.c. I tried to find a way to perform the same tests using 
LayoutTests style, but failed. I assume it's not possible.

If it's not possible, then definitely someone was thinking about the 
ways it could be made possible. Please share your thoughts. I have some 
ideas, but would prefer to give the voice first to guys with more 

By the way, I wonder how mac platform deals with screen readers, if it 
does not use any kind of caret moved events. Or do they?

This post is kind of continuation of discussion from bug #132350 [1].


[1] https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=132350
keywords: atk

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