[webkit-gtk] Building webkitgtk with clang and ccache

Javier Fernandez jfernandez at igalia.com
Thu May 1 08:34:43 PDT 2014


I recently switched to clang to enjoy the shorter buld times it provides
for webkitgtk but I'd like to keep using ccache and I've found several
problems to do that.

I've already read on the  CCACHE_CPP2=yes flag to avoid warnings and
it's working fine when using the prefix way. However, it fails at some
point because of incorrect option passed to ccache. I think this is
related to either cmake or ninja, still not sure, but it happens as well
when using ccache as prefix of the gcc compiler.

When using the symbolic links way of invoking the ccache associated
compiler, then the build is completed successfully but there are no
files stored in the cache.

Does anybody knows how to properly setup clang and ccache to build
webkitgtk ?



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