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Carlos Garcia Campos cgarcia at igalia.com
Thu Mar 27 01:00:47 PDT 2014

El mié, 26-03-2014 a las 11:16 -0700, Niranjan Rao escribió:
> Greetings,
> While I appreciate new exciting features and bug fixes in each release, 
> it brings up another question. How quickly are we supposed to upgrade 
> and do you recommend upgrading?

We always recommend to use the current stable version.

> We are on 2.2.6 version which came on March 19th (works great by the way 
> and a BIG THANK YOU) and 2.4 came on March 24th.
> I am wondering if 2.2 version will still maintained in terms of bug 
> fixes and whether no new feature additions planned for this series.

Once a new major stable version is released, the stable branch is
"frozen" and only bug fixes are allowed, no new features, nor new API,
nor new translatable strings, etc.

>  If 
> some bugs are fixed in 2.4 series, will the fixes be back ported to 2.2 
> release version also? This of course assuming bug applies to 2.2 version.

Yes, and this is something everybody can help with. When an important
bug is fixed in trunk and affects any of the stable branches, you can
write it down in the wiki pages


I can't follow all the changes, so any help with this is really

> Do expect stable releases every month or so as has been happening in past?

We will release 2.5.x and 2.4.x versions following the GNOME release
planning that will be defined here:


The 2.2.x releases will depend on whether there are changes in the wiki
page to be merged. 

> Reason for questions is to make sure we plan accordingly and allocate 
> enough time/resources for upgrade and testing the new upgrade to make 
> sure it works with our code. Sometimes there are subtle differences in 
> behaviour between releases which can make lot of impact on our code.

If you are interested in keeping the 2.2 branch alive, you can make sure
there are changes to merge by keeping the wiki page up to date. Also, if
patches don't apply cleanly, you can contribute patches rebased to apply
on the stable branch by submitting bugs with the [stable] prefix. Any
help with this would be more than welcome.

> Regards,
> Niranjan
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