[webkit-gtk] How to clear the cache?

Sergio Villar Senin svillar at igalia.com
Mon Jul 14 01:37:54 PDT 2014

On 11/07/14 19:09, Niranjan Rao wrote:

> Because of the  way we use webkit, current cache size has grown to 60GB+
> and growing. I would like to clear the cache for the items that are
> older than seven days.

There is currently no way to do that. Items in cache are removed from
the cache when they become obsolete or when they're expunged due to size
limit restrictions. We use a LRU algorithm to remove the last recently
used resources first.

Removing items older than X days is a mistake in general because you
might be removing items that are commonly used and do not change regularly.

> Another thing I am confused about is if a site says cache this file for
> two days, after two days when we refresh the file, does the old file
> gets deleted or its still on the disk?

They're deleted from disk.


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