[webkit-gtk] Memory leaks with IFRAME?

Ed K ed_dvd at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 8 15:23:45 PST 2014


sorry if this issue has been brought up before, I am new to webkitgtk.

I am using webkitgtk with webkit1 (i.e. single webkit process) on embedded Linux, and I have noticed a memory leak during stress testing of IFRAME.

In my test, I have very simple HTML page with one IFRAME, changing the IFRAME src every 3 seconds to some random HTML page.
The page can be accessed here: http://ek.site50.net/test/memory_leaks/iframe_leak.html. You have to press "Start Test" button to start the test.

When this test is running, the total memory usage for the webkit process is going up pretty fast, it takes about 20 minutes to consume ~50MB of memory. Note that when the IFRAME src is changed every 3 seconds, I also remove and add IFRAME element into DOM again (on some forum it was mentioned that it can help the memory leak). However, the memory leak is still there.

Any help or advice on this issue is very much appreciated.

I am using WebkitGTK 2.0.1 released on Apr. 16, 2013.

Thank you,
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