[webkit-gtk] Handling the run-file-chooser signal

nn6eumtr nn6eumtr at gmail.com
Sun Oct 27 16:08:55 PDT 2013

I'm trying to select a file for a "file" type input element with a 
headless gtk3::webkit perl environment. I've setup a handler:

     $view->signal_connect('run-file-chooser' => sub {
       print "Inside run-file-chooser handler\n";

And I've tried two methods of invoking the handler by clicking on the 
  (1) create_event('MouseEvent')/init_mouse_event/dispatch_event
  (2) XTestFakeMotionEvent/XTestFakeButtonEvent to move the mouse and 
click on the widget

And neither seems to trigger the run-file-chooser event as I never see 
the text.

I contacted the maintainer of the perl package and he confirms that the 
callback isn't being invoked. He isn't sure why and thought I should try 
this group.

Does anyone have any insights on what I may be doing wrong?

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