[webkit-gtk] TLS Errors API

Brian Holt brian.holt at samsung.com
Thu Oct 10 02:38:39 PDT 2013

A new patch is up for review at

The idea is now that when the TLS policy is WEBKIT_TLS_ERRORS_POLICY_FAIL
and there is a TLS error, a new signal "load-failed-with-tls-errors" will be
emitted to notify the user of the error along with a WebKitCertificateInfo*
(boxed type) and the host (char*).

The WebKitCertificateInfo API is proposed as

    webkit_certificate_info_get_type (void);

    WEBKIT_API WebKitCertificateInfo *
    webkit_certificate_info_copy (WebKitCertificateInfo *info);

    WEBKIT_API void
    webkit_certificate_info_free (WebKitCertificateInfo *info);

    WEBKIT_API GTlsCertificate *
    webkit_certificate_info_get_tls_certificate (WebKitCertificateInfo

    WEBKIT_API GTlsCertificateFlags
    webkit_certificate_info_get_tls_errors (WebKitCertificateInfo *info);

If the user wishes the allow an exception for this certificate they can do
so with

    WEBKIT_API void
    webkit_web_context_allow_tls_certificate_for_host (WebKitWebContext
                                                       const gchar *host);

Any comments and feedback on the proposed API are welcome.


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> The consensus on IRC #webkitgtk+ and the bug is that the permission-
> request model isn't a good fit for this particular issue, summarised by
> Gustavo:
> > So, here's my opinion after understanding how this works: the
> permission request APIs we currently have are also in a way actions -
> when you allow a geolocation request webcore will go ahead and provide
> proceed with obtaining the location, when you deny it, webcore will
> tell the backend it's denied, and the content will be able to show an
> error. I think it would be bad to reuse these methods with such a
> different meaning and requiring the API user to take a second action
> after using them.
> The current insecure-content-detected notification is probably a better
> approach to follow, so I'm proposing a new signal "tls-errors", to be
> emitted as a notification along with a WebKitTLSErrorsInfo object when
> there are TLS errors and the policy is WEBKIT_TLS_ERRORS_POLICY_FAIL
> (no new policy is required).
> The WebKitTLSErrorsInfo object would have this API to find out more
> about the reasons for failure:
> WEBKIT_API GTlsCertificate *
> webkit_tls_errors_info_get_certificate (WebKitTLSErrorsInfo *info);
> WEBKIT_API GTlsCertificateFlags
> webkit_tls_errors_info_get_tls_errors  (WebKitTLSErrorsInfo * info);
> WEBKIT_API const gchar *
> webkit_tls_errors_info_get_host        (WebKitTLSErrorsInfo * info);
> The user agent can allow errors on subsequent loads for this host to be
> ignored through a new public API for WebKitWebContext:
> void
> webkit_web_context_allow_specific_https_certificate_for_host(WebKitWebC
> ontext* context, GtlCertificate* certificate, const char* host).
> Thoughts and feedback?
> Brian
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