[webkit-gtk] TLS Errors API

Brian Holt brian.holt at samsung.com
Fri Oct 4 08:02:55 PDT 2013

The consensus on IRC #webkitgtk+ and the bug is that the permission-request model isn't a good fit for this particular issue, summarised by Gustavo:

> So, here's my opinion after understanding how this works: the permission request APIs we currently have are also in a way actions - when you allow a geolocation request webcore will go ahead and provide proceed with obtaining the location, when you deny it, webcore will tell the backend it's denied, and the content will be able to show an error. I think it would be bad to reuse these methods with such a different meaning and requiring the API user to take a second action after using them.  

The current insecure-content-detected notification is probably a better approach to follow, so I'm proposing a new signal "tls-errors", to be emitted as a notification along with a WebKitTLSErrorsInfo object when there are TLS errors and the policy is WEBKIT_TLS_ERRORS_POLICY_FAIL (no new policy is required).

The WebKitTLSErrorsInfo object would have this API to find out more about the reasons for failure:

WEBKIT_API GTlsCertificate *
webkit_tls_errors_info_get_certificate (WebKitTLSErrorsInfo *info);

WEBKIT_API GTlsCertificateFlags
webkit_tls_errors_info_get_tls_errors  (WebKitTLSErrorsInfo * info);

WEBKIT_API const gchar *
webkit_tls_errors_info_get_host        (WebKitTLSErrorsInfo * info);

The user agent can allow errors on subsequent loads for this host to be ignored through a new public API for WebKitWebContext:

void webkit_web_context_allow_specific_https_certificate_for_host(WebKitWebContext* context, GtlCertificate* certificate, const char* host).

Thoughts and feedback?


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